LISTEN: Listeners share their worst cheating revenge stories

LISTEN: Listeners share their worst cheating revenge stories

How would you react if you ever discovered your partner was cheating? 

Woman slaps man
Woman slaps man/@crimeairnetwork

Finding out your partner has cheated can turn your world upside down. You suddenly experience an array of emotions — sadness, anger, shock, and disbelief.

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One way to get closure - for many - is revenge. To make matters worse, some of these revenge stories make it to social media or to the Breakfast with Martin Bester show...

Listen as Martin shared a revenge cheating story he witnessed when he was 18:

Listeners joined in on the conversation and sent voice notes to the team sharing some of their most bizarre revenge stories.

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This came after a revenge video did the rounds on social media. In the video a woman confronts her apparent husband or boyfriend in public, continuously asking him, ‘Where is she?’

WARNING: This video contains strong language

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