Would you pay R1.6-million for this tiny apartment?
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Would you pay R1.6-million for this tiny apartment?

Investing in property is serious business - even more so when looking to purchase a home in Cape Town.

table mountain

One can understand that an apartment in a seaside city would be more pricey, but this tiny 36m² apartment is by no means worth the R1.6-million it is selling for.

To put it into perspective, that’s R44,444 per square meter.

Cape Town apartment

The matchbox-sized loft apartment is of course raising eyebrows, especially after the country realised how expensive it is to live in Cape Town. Even though it is a 10-minute drive to the Sea Point promenade, one would think long and hard to buy property in the Mother City. The reactions are priceless on social media. Trust Twitter to find the funny!

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