A young Joburg analyst shows you how to save R90,000

A young Joburg analyst shows you how to save R90,000

Breakfast with Martin Bester has just the right kind of Monday motivation to get you going! 

Bright Khumalo
Source: Facebook

2021 would be the second year Bright Khumalo applies this saving strategy - and it is successful!

The strategy is quite simple and we called the analyst and portfolio manager to find out exactly how he did it!

He started on the first day of the year, setting aside R1. Then every day after that, for the rest of the year, he would set aside R1 more than the previous day.

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Do you want to know how to save R90,000 at the end of the year?

“It needs to be easy to understand to be able to do it. Most of the time the hardest thing to do is to save alone, so if we have a community, we’ll be able to do it!” says Bright Khumalo.

Do you need a savings reminder? Bright Khumalo reminds you on Twitter every Friday! 

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Image credit: Bright Khumalo Facebook

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