2024 is looking bright for these Good Morning Angels recipients

2024 is looking bright for these Good Morning Angels recipients

Good Morning Angels is back with feedback on some of the stories that made 2023 so amazing!

Johannes Car
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Good Morning Angels is back, every Wednesday morning on Breakfast with Martin Bester!

Thanks to our incredible listeners and corporate supporters, Good Morning Angels was again able to assist families, organisations, and individuals throughout last year. 

Thanks to you, Good Morning Angels was able to raise and distribute R14.4-million in assistance in 2023!

To kick off 2024, we bring you feedback on some of the people we met last year.

Eight-year-old Henry can hear again after some Angel assistance from Roman’s Pizza and Good Morning Angels
Henry with new hearing aids

We met eight-year-old Henry and his aunt, Lindy, on Friday, 8 December 2023. He is a very bright, very bubbly young man. 

Lindy has supported him from the day he was born, as Henry has had a difficult start in life. Henry was born with numerous medical challenges, but despite all this, he is “a young soul brimming with dreams and aspirations”. 

He averages above 80% at school and doesn’t make excuses. Henry’s hearing has been deteriorating and he needed special hearing aids that cost over R100,000. 

Our Good Morning Festive Edition sponsors, Roman's Pizza, assisted with R50,000 towards the hearing aids and the Good Morning Angels Fund matched this.

Henry received his brand new hearing aids last week and he can hear properly again - ready to take on the new school year!

"Wow… what a difference this gift has made. Henry received his devices and all gadgets on 04.01.2024. Although he still speaks really loudly, we are now teaching him to pronounce his words and not mumble them. We cannot thank you enough for being our Angels,” writes his aunt Lindy. 

Johannes the Flower Seller’s dream has come true - he can now use his skoro-skoro! 
Johannes, Martin and Xola
Jacaranda FM

We met Johannes the Flower Seller in March last year. Johannes had been a constant feature just off the N1 on the Beyers Naudé off-ramp, where he had been selling flowers for the past 30 years. 

A few of the regular customers noticed that Johannes was absent and enquired.  

They found out that he had not been well and needed medical assistance. As the only breadwinner in his family, he could not take time off completely. Johannes’ eldest son has special needs and his wife has been his carer for all his life. His other children were all struggling to find employment. 

Johannes mentioned that his biggest dream was to own a “skoro-skoro” car of his own, as this would be a great help with sourcing and transporting the flowers he sells. 

Good Morning Angels assisted Johannes with funds towards his medical and family needs. Several Angels, including the fantastic folks at Together We Bloom NPC, donated towards a car for Johannes and Barry Harmse from Motus Toyota Bryanston found the perfect car. 

They serviced the car and helped to put it in Johannes’ name. The next step was to help Johannes’ daughter, Zinhle, to get her driver’s licence, so she can drive her dad and assist him with the business of selling flowers. After hard work and many lessons, Zinhle got her licence and the family could properly take ownership of their car - thanks to all the Angels who assisted!

2024 is looking bright for Bongani Nxumalo, who can see again after his eye surgery
Helping SA radio presenter Bongani Nxumalo to work again
Jacaranda FM

In November last year, Good Morning Angels assisted former radio presenter and entertainer, Bongani Nxumalo. His vision had deteriorated to about 5%, due to cataracts and other complications. 

This left him unable to do his job, and he became destitute. He was assisted through his church men’s group to get to a specialist, who believed that some vision could be restored through surgery - but this would cost thousands on rands, which Bongani simply didn’t have. 

Good Morning Angels and our fantastic listeners rallied behind Bongani and enough money was raised for his surgery and more. Bongani had a procedure to his one eye late last year and the result has been amazing!

Bongani can now see enough to read and drive again! He has his life back and can look forward to 2024 with new hope and possibilities!

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