GMA Coronavirus Support sends R10,000 to breadwinner of five due to entertainment industry's collapse

GMA Coronavirus Support sends R10,000 to breadwinner of five due to entertainment industry's collapse

Vincent is a sound engineer who has lost all his gigs since the beginning of the year due to coronavirus.

GMA Vincent sound engineer

BACKGROUND:  The entertainment industry has been brought to a stand-still by the coronavirus national lockdown. It is very likely that this rule will stay in place for a while, until the coronavirus is no longer a threat in South Africa. Vincent Joubert from Springs is a sound engineer. He knew it was going to get tough when his “Chinese New Year’s” event was cancelled - before the government restrictions in South Africa were even in place. Vincent also has another business, where he escorts large, abnormal loaded trucks. However, two months ago, his bakkie was badly damaged in an accident. Repairs could not be done and will have to wait until the lockdown is over and beyond, as he cannot afford the repairs without an income. His wife, Elaine, earns an income, but Vincent is the main breadwinner of the family of five. Elaine is very worried about her husband and their three boys, so she asked Good Morning Angels for help.

REQUEST FOR: Vincent Joubert 

REQUEST FROM: Elaine Joubert 

ANGEL: Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels in partnership with LottoStar

SPONSORING: We have sent Vincent R10,000 in #AngelRands to redeem for food and other essentials at her closest formal retail shop


Good Morning,

I nominate my Husband, Vincent Joubert, It’s currently a very bad time for a lot of people in SA, But I can’t bear seeing him in the state he is currently and what he is experiencing, with complete loss of income, He is a sound engineer for some of SA’s best artists, delivering a great service, the first knock he took was with the Chinese new year event in January, that was before Corona Virus were here in SA, then they announced the lockdown, and all of his shows cancelled, that leaves him with no income at all.

Currently he is at home, waiting upon the daily news to see what is going to happened Every day and how he must prepare for the day.

I feel by sending this email, a smile can be brought to his face and to show him there is still people thinking of him and caring for him.

Thank you, Elaine

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