GMA Extra: A springing 7th birthday party for Jesse James

GMA Extra: A springing 7th birthday party for Jesse James

Jesse Jame finally celebrates his birthday with a very special birthday party at the Discovery Jacaranda FM Spring Walk was a great day for Jesse. 

Jesse James


Jesse James has his smashing 7th birthday party, thanks to Natashé and the Jacaranda FM Discovery Spring Walkers

BACKGROUND: In August, Jesse James, his mom Tonya and sister, Teaghen Lee visited the Jacaranda FM studio. Tonya wrote to Good Morning Angels and asked us to help her give her son his first ever birthday party. As a single mom, she has never had the means for parties, gifts or even a cake. This year, she lost her job in February, which made their situation even more difficult that before. We introduced them to 29-year old Natashé. She wrote to Good Morning Angels asking us to help her make her 30th birthday dream come true: not for herself, but to help her make a birthday special for someone else. 

Natashé promised to throw Jesse James a birthday he would never forget and this past Saturday she did!

Before they knew about this party, Jesse James asked his mom if they could go to the Jacaranda Fm Spring Walk, as it was held on his birthday. So, the Jacaranda Fm team invited the family to help celebrate his birthday. 

ANOTHER INVITATION FOR JESSE JAMES: The management of the Botanical Gardens, where the walk was held, has given Jesse James and his family (six people) a year’s worth of free entry to the Botanical Gardens!  

birthday cake


Dear Good Morning Angels,

It's my 30th Birthday on the 19th of September and this year my dream and goal is to not receive gifts for my birthday but to rather give back to someone in need. I have been very privileged to have wonderful birthdays and parties the last 29 years and would like to make someone's day special or assist financially.

Please let me know where I can help or assist financially. 

Kind Regards 

Natashé Cloete 


Good day Angels

Hope you are well.

I was wondering if you could help. I was retrenched in February this year and still looking for a job. It's my sons 7th birthday in the 10th of September and I don't have any money to buy him a cake or a gift. He has never had a birthday party because I could never get the money together, to give him one. Please help a desperate mom.

Thank you,


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