Good Morning Angels: Assisting the forgotten children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home

Good Morning Angels: Assisting the forgotten children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home

This Wednesday on Good Morning Angels, the Angels came together to help the New Jerusalem Angels, who care for our forgotten children.

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BACKGROUND: Advocate Anna Difo started her working life as a prosecutor in the children’s court. She was responsible for sending offending children to jail or juvenile correction facilities. Over the years of working with children involved in criminality, Anna realised that many of these children’s lives could have been so different if they had assistance and intervention, before they turned to a life of crime.

She decided to “switch sides” and to become part of the solution. She started New Jerusalem Children’s Home 22 years ago when HIV/Aids was rife and left scores of children orphaned, homeless, and HIV-positive.

“We wanted to give these children a home, a family, an education, and a future,” says Anna.

These days, according to Anna, substance abuse is the number one reason why children are placed in New Jerusalem’s care: “…and there is no medication to cure that.”

More and more children are born with foetal alcohol syndrome and disabilities and are then left destitute.

At the moment, New Jerusalem have 120 children, from 0 to 18 years of age. They have a pre-school and primary school on-site, which is also attended by other children in the area.

According to Anna, the financial burden has never been as great as it is now and that’s why they reached out to Good Morning Angels.

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More info: 

If you would wish to help, here is New Jerusalem Children’s Home's Spring Wish List of the things they need:

Spring Wish List

REQUEST FOR: Adv Anna Difo and New Jerusalem Children’s Home 

REQUEST FROM: Naledi Madisha, Communications officer of New Jerusalem Children’s Home (063-764-9302 / 010-224-0458 Email: [email protected] )

ANGEL 1: Jenna Gamble, Finance Manager of Kaomi Marketing 

 SPONSORING: All the employees of Kaomi Marketing and the company contribute towards a fund to do good in the community. They will contribute R55,000 to New Jerusalem Childrens Home, to help them fund some of the appliances and other necessities on their wish-list, to enable them to care for their children.

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The Good Morning Angels Fund will contribute another R45,000 to New Jerusalem Childrens Home, to assist with their wish-list needs

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Dear Jacaranda FM

We are pleased to submit our funding proposal 


New Jerusalem Children’s Home ‘NJCH’ is a 24-hour residential care center which provides holistic residential care services aimed at addressing physical, emotional, social, educational and spiritual needs of traumatized, abandoned, orphaned, abused, and HIV positive children and vulnerable youth from 0-18 years from its surrounding communities. NJCH was established in the year 2000 by two sisters Anna Difo and Phina Mojapelo.


  • -  Provision of residential care, addressing the emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs of children within the context of a family. 

  • -  Provision of educational care based on Dr Maria Montessori Method and latest teaching and study methods in technology. 

  • -  Provision of comprehensive and holistic health care facilities. 

    The home provides essential social work services ranging from developmental programs, therapeutic programs, and recreational programs. We aim to produce self-reliant, respectful and successful children who will be active citizens of South Africa and the world at large. Our coordination with our statutory partners makes us stationed well to help in facilitation of family preservation and family reconstruction for the purposes of reunification and foster care and thereby emphasizing on the family as an important unit of socialization and upbringing of children. 

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To provide these quality child welfare services and other professional services mentioned below, we are receiving 50% financial and professional support from the Department of Social Development and the other 50% is from cooperate companies, churches, and individual sponsors.

Services our organization provides 

  • Social Work Services 

  • Residential Care services 

  • Therapeutic services 

  • Developmental services (life skills training) 

  • Recreational & Spiritual Services 

  • Facilitation of Foster and adoption with statutory partners 

  • Family Preservation 

  • Food security program (Permaculture & environment) 

  • Sustainable services (borehole) 

  • Educational services (Montessori Early Childhood development, Montessori Primary Education and After care services)

    How we reach out to the poor and vulnerable 

    New Jerusalem Children’s Home work closely with the Department of Social development, South African Police Services, Department of Health and designated Child Protection organizations working in communities of Gauteng. These are important partners who bring children to the home through legal court order. Our contact details are available to the resource list of the department, which makes it simple for the statutory social workers to reach us and refer children to our Home. Other platforms through which individuals, organizations and/or communities can reach us include social media, Newsletters, and local Newspapers (Midrand Reporter), the organization also has open events through which local communities can reach out to us.

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