Good Morning Angels Festive: Helping a family after horrible incident

Good Morning Angels Festive: Helping a family after horrible incident

A mother of three just wants her children to be and feel safe again after a horrible incident. 

Good Morning Angels Festive
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BACKGROUND: Boksburg single mother of 3, Christell Hendry works at a pre-school. With her small salary, she covers the basics: a roof, food, school for her and her children. Then, in June this year, she got a call that made her heart stop. her eldest children, 17-year old Phillip and 12-year old Chené, were held up in a robbery in their home in broad daylight. Phillip fought off the men as they pulled on his sisters’ arm. 

He managed to save his sister, but he was badly beaten himself. As a family, they’ve stuck together to deal with the trauma, but Christell cannot afford to get Phillip the medical and other assistance he needs, to repair all the damage that was done to his face. She reached out to Good Morning Angels.

REQUEST FOR: Christell’s three kids, especially 17-year-old Phillip 

REQUEST FROM: Christell Hendry

ANGEL: Bonnie Cooper on behalf of our fabulous festive sponsors, Roman's Pizza

SPONSORING: Roman's Pizza will assist Christelle and her children with R 35 000,00 to cover their basic needs, to have a festive Christmas and to start the new decade on the front foot. 


Where do I  start...

On the 26th of June, 3 days after my son Phillip's 17 birthday, he and his sister Chene (12) were at home on school holidays. At 2:20 pm that Wednesday I received a call that left me cold and heartbroken. 

5 Men broke into my house with the kids locked inside the house. They were pulling on my Chene's arm to take her, but Phillip then saved his sisters’ life and fought 3 of them off. This left him with terrible scars today. They hit him with poker over his head and in his face - broke his eye bone into the back of his eye. His dad passed away 2 years ago the cost for his operation to make him somehow normal again in R82 000.00.  That, we can’t afford. I’m a single mom with the 3 kids.  My salary of R 5000.00 just covers the roof over our heads. Chene's dad disappeared when she was 8 months old, I only receive R2500.00 maintenance from Joshua's dad and that needs to cover food, petrol and whatever is needed. This will be the second year I can not do anything for them for Christmas, but just to see them happy will make every tear worthwhile.

I’m in a very tuff situation and I wish for my son to be and feel okay again - it breaks my heart to see him like this. He is only 17, so many things in his life matters now.

I hope you can reach out to him and bring my son back  - he is just not the same.  

Warm Regards,                           

Christell Hendry

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