Good Morning Angels: Giving hope and healing to the voiceless wildlife hurt in the Cape Town fire

Good Morning Angels: Giving hope and healing to the voiceless wildlife hurt in the Cape Town fire

TTable Mountain in Cape Town has been up in flames since Sunday. 

GMA SPCA 21 April 2021
Source: SPCA Facebook page

BACKGROUND: Damage to buildings and infrastructure in the area is immense and still being calculated. Many have opened their hearts and their pockets for people displaced and affected by the fire. Brave fire fighters have been risking their lives to bring the blaze under control… dousing flames and preventing flare-ups as they go along.

And, on the outskirts of the charred patches, the inspectors and volunteers of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA have been monitoring the veld for any signs of life. “We are monitoring the periphery for any animals fleeing the flames and we are deeply concerned for those who may be trapped in the inferno,” says the SPCA’s Belinda Abraham. “As soon as we can, we will be combing the fire-ravaged areas for any injured animals who will be brought back to our short-term wildlife care facility for treatment. 

"Some areas are still actively burning or smouldering and the ground is so hot, the soles of our inspectors' shoes are melting. Amongst the carnage the Cape Town Fire has left in its wake we have found only one snake that could be saved, but this first sign of life has given us the hope we needed to continue believing and continue searching. Our past experience has taught us that wild animals will often return to their areas of origin, where they had burrows or nests and we are looking out for these animals too whose feet no doubt will burn on the hot ground,” says Abraham.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA was established in 1872 - the first SPCA in South Africa. From experience, they know they will need a lot of dressings, bandages, Silbecor ointment, cool packs, fresh fruit and vegetables for the animals and supplies like energy drinks, energy bars and eyedrops for the team in the field.

REQUEST FOR: Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson, Belinda Abraham 

ANGEL 1: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in their life-saving efforts with a donation of R20,000 

ANGEL 2: Danielle de Villiers on behalf of Medika SA 

SPONSORING: Wound care specialists, Medika SA, will donate 1,500 tubes of their Melcura HoneyGel and 1,500 tubes of their Melcura HoneyPlus to the SPCA to assist with their burn wound treatment of fire affected animals.  This donation is worth over R330,000! 


If the PayFast page isn’t working for you, here are direct bank details:

NAME: The Cape of Good Hope SPCA


ACCOUNT: 071832858 

BRANCH: Constantia (025309)

REFERENCE: Your name and the word FIRE

Image credit: Cape of Good Hope SPCA Facebook page

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