Good Morning Angels: Helping three-year-old Sian fight for his life

Good Morning Angels: Helping three-year-old Sian fight for his life

Three-year-old Sian is fighting for his life, while his parents are fighting to keep him in hospital.

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Three-year-old Sian Brits and his parents, Charné and Riekus, lived a happy, healthy life in Bronkhorstspruit. This all changed dramatically just over a week ago. 

Now, little Sian is fighting for his life with severe pneumonia symptoms, with his parents battling to keep him in hospital, while doctors are still baffled by his condition.

Sian is sedated and on a ventilator. He has already had a few operations and procedures to drain fluid from his lungs. His one lung collapsed, and his condition is described as critical but stable. 

Sian Brits

“At this point, we are fighting to keep him stable,” says Charné. His doctor says he cannot be moved to another hospital - like a state facility - as his condition is too fragile.  

In the meantime, the bills are piling up and some procedures are held back until payment is made upfront. Charné and Riekus were in-between medical aids when Sian took ill and they are therefore not covered.

They have managed to raise R162,000 to keep him in a private hospital - but they’ve had to make emergency loans and have put one of their cars up for sale, just to buy enough time for Sian to pull through. 

"The Doctors are very concerned as they have never seen anything so severe, let alone in such a small child. The cause is unknown,” says his aunt Surina. 

Several of their friends and members of their families have requested help from Good Morning Angels, for assistance for this young family. 

"Sian is such a little fighter,” says his other aunt, Nadene. "He was born prematurely at 30 weeks and fought for his life for a month in the NICU  … now three and a half years later, he is fighting again". 

REQUEST FOR: Three-year-old Sian Brits and his parents Charné and Riekus  

REQUEST FROM: Several listeners including Nadene and Surina, Sian’s aunts

ANGEL: The Good Morning Angels Fund

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will get the ball rolling to help Sian and his family, with a donation towards his medical care of R50,000 

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Good day, Angels.

Today I come with a very heavy heart. 

My family has endured great pain in the last 8 years with the loss of my baby girl in May 2015, my granddad in May 2020 and now my sister's little boy is fighting for his life with severe pneumonia. 

They do not have medical aid as they were in the process of moving from one to another. This little boy has such a fighting spirit. He was born prematurely at 30 weeks and fought for his life for a month in the NICU now 3 and a half years later he is fighting again. 

Today we received the news that they need to operate on his lungs as the bacteria he is fighting is not something the doctors are familiar with. They need to remove pockets of fluid from his lungs. This little boy is currently sedated and on a ventilator. My sister and her husband are so exhausted. They are travelling from our small home town Bronkhorstspruit to Centurion Unitas hospital every day and twice a day as her husband is also working in his small workshop trying to make enough to cover the medical bills. They have one of their cars up for sale to try and cover the bills. Sian is too critical to be moved to a state hospital. The situation is extremely heavy. 

Angels am begging for help, my family has been through so much pain and trauma and I wish I could take all of their worries and pain on myself but life doesn't work that way and as a single mom, I myself just don't have any extra finances to help with all I can do is ask the Angels. 

My name is Nadene and my sister is Charne and her husband Riekus. 


Charné and Riekus Brits are two young parents from Bronkhorstspruit.

 Their three-year-old little boy Sian Brits was a healthy, lively little boy. From Saturday last week up till today, their boy's health deteriorated so quickly.  

Between local GPs appointments, he didn't respond to treatment, and the little boy was rushed to hospital where they had to immediately drain fluids from his lungs as it could have resulted in the boy not seeing the following day. They removed about 1 litre of pus in the emergency unit. 

He was shortly after moved and admitted to another hospital under the care of a paediatric surgeon. 

He is currently in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, after his one lung collapsed. 

Sunday morning the parents were requested to rush to the hospital ASAP as his blood pressure had dropped immensely and they had to reduce his sedation.

He was a little bit more awake and it appeared that he was making slow progress until today's very sad news!!! 

The diagnosis was made today that Sian would need to go for surgery in order for them to do a biopsy on the lungs. His lungs are full of fluid pockets and the fluid keeps on filling at a great pace. He is also having an abscess on one lung.

Surgery is taking place on 23 May 2023.

Two samples of the fluid that was drained from his lungs were sent away to be cultivated, to determine what is the main cause. No information on this yet. The Drs are very concerned as they have never seen anything so severe let alone in such a small child. The cause is unknown.   

The parents are in a great financial burden as they do not have medical aid at the moment.  Sian will be in the ICU for a while until the cause is known. 

Please help these parents. They are still raising more funds every second of each day. They had to pay R162 000 on Sunday in order for Sian to stay - otherwise, he would have been moved to a state hospital, which his doctor said would be life-threatening at this stage. 

With the mercy from our God and all the support they have received from our local community in Bronkhorstspruit, shares of posts on social media and the backabuddy fundraising link, they have managed to pay the R162 000. Thank you, God for Your mercy! 

His condition is not stable and they will need all the help they can possibly get to raise more funds for surgeries and upcoming treatments. 

Please HELP.


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