Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition: Helping a student to pursue his dream

Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition: Helping a student to pursue his dream

Good Morning Angels and Willard Batteries putting Hamza on track to pursue his future dream.

Good Morning Angels New Year's Edition
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BACKGROUND: Hamza Noormahomed from Laudium, west of Pretoria, just loves accounting. It’s the subject he has always excelled in - and he achieved an A for this in matric last year. He also did very well in Physical and Life Sciences, achieving distinctions. This, supported by career counselling and aptitude test results, made it very clear to Hamza that he will pursue a B.Com career future, specifically B.Com Supply Chain Management. Besides studying, Hamza has worked in retail to earn his own pocket money. He was a member of Laudium Secondary’s Representative Council of Learners and he signed up for the Tuks Tulip mentorship and tutoring programme - one Saturday every month. Hamza knows what he wants to do and has worked hard to prepare himself for his future. He has been accepted to study Supply Chain Management at Tuks now, he just needs the funding. He was told by his Tulip Foundation mentor, that he would be interviewed as a possible bursary candidate - but this is Good Morning Angels after all.

REQUEST FOR: Hamza Noormahomed

REQUEST FROM: Lielie Viljoen, Tuks Tulip Organisation

ANGEL: Dave Arnold representing Willard Batteries, powering the Good Morning Angels. 

SPONSORING: The Willard team will fund Hamza’s full class fees to study Bcom Supply Chain Management at the University of Pretoria this year, totalling R 48 284,00


Dear Sir or Madam

I’m glad to be selected for an interview for a bursary to fund my studies in Bcom Supply Chain Management at the University of Pretoria. I am really looking forward to starting my studies in 2020.

I am currently in grade 12 at Laudium Secondary School. I am a part of the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) and have assisted in organizing and helping at several school functions. I have work experience in a retail business and have taken an interest in understanding and learning more about how production, shipment and delivery of goods from where the goods have been produced to its point of consumption. I have invested in career counselling and aptitude tests as well in order to support my decision to apply for a Bcom supply chain management degree at the University of Pretoria.

I believe that the University of Pretoria has one of the best programs and the program is led by industry experts in this field. I expect to get the best value from obtaining my degree from this institution as the University of Pretoria is internationally recognised.

I am hard working and determined and focussed on excelling in my area of study. I believe that I have taken all the necessary steps and investment required in finding my fit for this field of study and this will boost my ability to be successful and to excel. With my work experience I also have bought and sold many goods, I believe that after obtaining my degree I will be able to use the experience and knowledge I have obtained to improve businesses, start my own business and contribute back to the community by providing jobs and assisting with the improvement of society. I look forward to being partnered with a company that can see my potential and to help me by investing in my future success.

Kind regards,

Hamza Noormahomed

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