Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Streetlight Schools in Jeppestown

Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Streetlight Schools in Jeppestown

Streetlight Schools feeds over 300 students a daily cooked meal and supports 25 families with food parcels. 

Streetlight schools
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My name is Beve-lee and I am writing to you from an organisation called Streetlight Schools. We launched a flagship school in the inner city of Johannesburg, Jeppestown 5-years ago. We serve just a little over 300 students, who rely on the school for a daily cooked meal and 25 of those families are fully sponsored learners who receive regular food parcels from the school.  

Since the lockdown, the need for support arose very quickly. From supporting 25 families with food, we now have a need to feed 118 families who have no food in their homes. From the 118 parents, only 34 qualify for Government feeding. The school is assisting the parents to apply for food parcels from the Government. 81 of the 118 families do not qualify for Government feeding and are in desperate need of food and hygiene products. 

My call this morning is for Angels to assist us in either getting more food hampers that we can share with the parents or any donation that we could use to help feed our very well-deserving students and parents.  

Knowing that 118 families that I am directly linked to are most likely sleeping with little to no food in their tummies is a bitter and hard pill to swallow. These children are so full of hope for a better future. I cannot imagine what they must be going through during this trying time. 

Read more: www.streetlightschools.org Facebook page is @streetlightschools

Priviledge Mahoya, CEO of Megas in Motion (Call: 061-707-2054 email: [email protected]

You can donate: Banking Details

Name: Streetlight Schools

Bank:  FNB 

Account:  62464302620 

Branch: 253305 (Rosebank)


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