Top 5 podcasts everyone listened to in 2018

Top 5 podcasts everyone listened to in 2018

Just like the rise in subscribers to on-demand TV platforms like Netflix, a growing number of people are exploring on-demand audio that they can access in their own time.

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“What podcasts are you currently listening to?” is a question that’s being asked more and more as the medium grows in South Africa.

In mid-2018, Jacaranda FM’s podcast hub JacPod went live, giving South African listeners even more choice on the podcast front.

Here are the top five most popular podcasts on JacPod since then.

5. Brand Famous: Interview with Ahmed Tilly, CCO at FCB [Explicit]

4. Top SA Music with Carla MacKenzie: 80’s SA music gets new life in Afrikaans movie, Kanarie

3. Good Things Guy: Catching up with Rich Mulholland

2. Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch: Living with depression - Diane-Maree Rauch's personal story

1. Good Things Guy: Land Expropriation & a Constitutional conversation

Check out all of JacPod's podcasts here. Follow them on Facebook for new episode alerts. Listen via your computer or mobile phone. All of the JacPod channels are also on Google or Apple Podcasts on your Android or IOS device respectively.

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