Ways to make your petrol go further

Tips to help your petrol go further

South Africans are feeling the pinch from the rising petrol price. Here is how you can ensure you don't spend more than you have to. 

Price for petrol and diesel has gone up so much that it has indeed shocked motorists.
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The fuel price in South Africa sits at over R20 a litre. Experts have warned that this price might increase to R40 a litre soon. 

This is devastating news for South Africans, especially judging by how many are already battling to make ends meet. 

The high cost of fuel means that food prices and other services will go up. This includes public transport fees. 

It also means people will have less to spend on other goods and services after having to fork out more on filling up their cars. 

Scores of people have taken to social media to talk about how the petrol price has been crippling their pockets. 

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Although the petrol price is high, there are ways that you can ensure that you don't spend much more money than you should. 

Look out for rewards programmes

Many petrol stations offer a fuel rewards programme where you get rewarded for filling up at their stations. 

Some of the stations even give money back which you can later use to refill.

Some retail stores and banks have also partnered with petrol stations so that when you fill up, you can earn back money which you can use to shop. 

Reduce speed

When you drive fast, your car uses more petrol. According to an article in The Guardian, you can use 10% more fuel when speeding.

Your fuel tank is depleted quicker when you accelerate rapidly, like when you speed up to beat a red robot, and when you brake suddenly. 

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Don’t ride the clutch

Many people ride the clutch while stuck in traffic. Not only will riding your clutch cause unnecessary wear, but it can also waste petrol. 

Find the shortest routes 

Before going on a trip, look for the shortest/quickest routes so that you can save on petrol.

Get rid of the heavy load

Don't go around carrying a lot of stuff that you don't need in your car. That will cause your car's engine to burn more fuel in order to  move more weight. 

Turn off the air conditioner

Switching on your air conditioner means the engine has to work harder and this can have an impact on your petrol usage.

Maintain your car 

To ensure that your car is performing at its best, it is very important to service it regularly. This will ensure that the engine and other components work as they should. 

According to Business Tech, worn spark plugs can be a big trouble-maker, increasing fuel consumption by up to 30%.

So, go ahead and follow the above advice to ensure you don't have to spend more money than you need to on ever-increasing petrol.

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