Social media reacts to hookah toy for kids

Yay or nay? Hookah toy for kids

Is the kids hookah toy a good or bad idea? This is what social media has to say...

Hookah toy
Hookah toy/ Twitter

Social media is divided over a photo that shows a hookah toy.

The toy has an image of a boy and a girl smoking the hookah, which releases bubbles. 

It is for children who are three years and older. 

The box description says it comes with one bubble hookah, four hoses, and four refills. 

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Many social media users are divided over the toy. 

"Yal think everything an issue but them iPads. Let kids be kids. We played house, had fake cigarettes, pretending we drinking & stuff. The hookah toy said it blew bubbles & what kid don’t like bubbles?" wrote a Twitter user. 

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Check out more reactions below. 

Real or fake toy?

Though the image of the toy has been largely circulated, it appears the hookah toy is not real.

According to several publications, it is an illustration of a joke product created by Adam Padilla. 

Padilla is known for making fake funny products. 

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