Annoying habits you should avoid when visiting someone’s home

Annoying habits you should avoid when visiting someone’s home

Whether you are visiting a friend, relative or colleague, it is wrong to assume that everyone treats their home the same way that you treat yours. 

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So just in case you are planning a visit, make sure you stay away from doing any of the things listed below. You don't want to find yourself upsetting your hosts!

- Don't overstay your welcome

Avoid going to people's homes and staying for too long. If you are planning to visit for a few days, let your host know exactly how long you plan to stay for and have an agreement with him or her. If you are visiting for a few hours, don't stay until it gets dark and your host is forced to make dinner for you or to delay their own dinner just because they don't have enough for the both of you.

- Don't open the fridge and cupboards without permission

Unless you are given the go-ahead to open the fridge and cupboards, refrain from doing so. Some people don't always have their cupboards packed up and neat, and the last thing they need is to be embarrassed by their guest seeing their mess. The fridge might also be empty and besides, it is just rude to open people's fridges, unless you are told to do so. 

- Don't ask for more food

Be happy with what is given to you. You don't want to embarrass the host by asking for more food, only to find that there isn't any more she or he can offer you. 

- Don't control the TV

Because it is not your own house, leave the remote alone, unless of course you are told that it is okay to change channels. 

- Don't put your legs up on the sofa

Have house manners and don't get too comfortable. Some people do not want legs on top of couches and you don't want to annoy your host by doing what they don't like. 

- Don't bring an extra person without permission

It is inconsiderate to bring an extra person without letting your host know. Even if you think they won't mind, rather let them know in advance. This will help them to be better prepared.

Oh, and even if you plan to take your pet along, don't forget to let your host know!


- Don't criticise

If you have any negative things to say, especially about the house or even the way your host does things, rather keep your mouth shut! Commenting on how small the house is, or how you wish they could rearrange their things is a bad idea. Rather find something positive to say or keep quiet.

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What annoying things have your guests done? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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