Are you micro-cheating on your partner?

Are you micro-cheating on your partner?

Many of us are guilty of it - connecting in more than a friendly manner with a person on the net with the hope of our partner not finding out. Sometimes it's even done without us realising the harm that it can cause to our relationship.



Micro-cheating is the new craze. Data expert Melanie Schilling explains it as "a series of seemingly small actions that indicate a person is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside their relationship." 

In simple terms, doing actions that connect you with someone other than your partner, that could lead you into having an affair.

What are those actions, you may be wondering? Below we give you some of them:  

- Constantly texting someone on the sly or sending flirty messages to their inbox and praying your partner doesn't find out. 

- Exchanging photos and love or flirting emoticons.

- Hoping to get their attention by always commenting on their posts and liking their posts. 

- Constantly checking them out and engaging with them on a regular basis with an intention of making a deeper bond. 

- Constantly finding yourself wondering what they are up to and checking out their social media pages for updates.

- Liking all their photos. This may be a sign that you may fancy them.

All these actions could indicate that you are connecting with someone emotionally on a level you are only supposed to connect on with your partner. 

Of course this could pose as a danger to your relationship, especially if you find yourself having to lie to your partner or even neglecting giving your partner attention because your attention is focused on the other person. 

So, if you truly love and value your partner, maybe it's time you focused all your attention on continuously bonding and connecting with them? 

Has your relationship ever ended because of micro-cheating? Share with us in the comments section. 

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