Babysitter calls police on mom that came home at 3am

Babysitter calls police on mom that came home at 3am

A mom recently found herself in hot water after her babysitter had enough of her late antics and called the police on her. 


After babysitting for a while and becoming frustrated, a babysitter took to Reddit to share her story. According to the babysitter, who remained anonymous, the mother of a baby has repeatedly stayed out way past the agreed upon time. 

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On this one occasion, however, the mom agreed to be at home at 9pm but ended up coming home at 3am. 

This happened without any communication after repeated calls and messages from the babysitting checking up on her. 

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When the mom arrived home, the babysitter and the baby were gone. After numerous attempts, the babysitter called the police, and the police took the kids into custody.  

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Image Credit: Reddit 

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