Building your Relationship

Building your Relationship

In this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, Dorianne Weil speaks with world-renowned master relationship builder and motivational speaker,  Hedy Schleifer, about growing your intimate relationships.

Building your Relationship with DrD

"Relationships are not problems to be solved, but adventures to be lived!" says Hedy, who has 40 years of professional experience with a BA from UCLA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical and Child Psychology from Tel Aviv University.

She also has over 50 years of personal experience in her marriage and “living laboratory” with her husband, Yumi.

Hedy was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and was raised in Antwerp, Belgium. She married and lived in Israel, but today, she and Yumi call Washington D.C. home. They have two sons and 13 grandchildren.

Hedy joins 'DrD' via Zoom to talk about relational maturity: what it is, and what the skills are to develop it.

If you're interested in strengthening your relationship, listen below.

Hedy Schleifer

Find out more about Hedy here.

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