Can you stop Cyberbullies? Lawyer Emma Sadleir offers hope | Don't Hold Back podcast

Can you stop Cyberbullies? Lawyer Emma Sadleir offers hope

For lawyer Emma Sadleir, there are tough cases, and then there are cyberbullying cases. The growing trend is victims are getting younger, and perpetrators are harder to catch. 

Fighting back against cyberbullies (Emma Sadleir)
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In this eye-opening episode of 'Don't Hold Back,' host Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba is joined by cyberbullying expert Emma Sadleir to unpack the dark side of our digital lives. 

They kick things off by talking about the massive impact of social media - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly aspects like cyberbullying. 

Sextortion is rife

Emma - co-author of 'Don't Film Yourself Having Sex' and ‘Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones’ - sheds light on the disturbing trend of sextortion, explaining how it's become alarmingly common and what victims can do. 

The duo then dives into actionable advice for battling cyberbullying, covering everything from legal measures to practical tips for staying safe online. 

Real-life stories and legal successes are shared, providing hope and empowerment. 

Social media savvy for parents

Finally, for the young ones and parents listening in, they drop some golden nuggets on how to navigate social media smartly and safely. 

Pop a cork with them as they celebrate the power of standing up against digital bullies. It's a must-listen for anyone scrolling through social media today.

Also, if you are affected by cyberbullying or know someone who is, do check out Emma's blog for information on how to handle cyber harassment.

Episode breakdown:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Cyberbullying and Its Impact
  • 00:35 Welcome to 'Don't Hold Back': A Deep Dive into Cyberbullying
  • 01:21 The Dark Side of Social Media Fame
  • 01:52 Expert Insights: Legal and Emotional Defense Against Cyberbullying
  • 03:28 Empowering the Youth in the Digital Age
  • 11:32 Navigating Legal Avenues for Cyberbullying Victims
  • 15:58 Challenges in Enforcing Cyberbullying Laws
  • 18:50 The Power of Legal Action Against Defamation
  • 20:07 The Serious Allegations and Legal Consequences
  • 22:17 Navigating the Dangers of Sextortion
  • 24:12 Rapid Fire Questions: Scams, Series, and Social Media Personalities
  • 25:15 Guidance for Young Social Media Users
  • 29:45 Celebrating with a Special Guest
  • 31:40 Concluding Thoughts on Empowerment and Social Media

Fighting back against cyberbullies with Emma Sadleir

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South African presenter Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba is well known for her HIV-AIDS activism and YouTube channel. After her own HIV diagnosis in 2013, Nozibele made it her mission to hold open conversations about her journey. Now a published author and respected authority on the subject, the 33-year-old’s work was named as one of the web’s Top 15 HIV YouTube channels.  She recently completed a second season of her TV show called #YesIHaveHIV, where she assists others to disclose their HIV statuses to friends and family. In May of 2023, her presenting skills earned her an international nomination in the "Presenter of the Year" category at the Association of International Broadcasting awards. With her direct, engaging, and empathetic hosting style, she's the perfect fit to address taboo topics - and to say: Don't hold back!

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