Check out Croatia’s dog Olympics

Check out Croatia’s dog Olympics

Thirteen teams took part in this fun event to celebrate the end of Summer in the European country.

Alex Melikishvilli
Alex Melikishvilli

For many, the end of Summer is not something to be celebrated, but for the people of Croatia, it signals a time to have some fun with your best friend.


When we say, ‘best friend’, we mean of the furry variety.

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In Crikvenica, Croatia, locals took their pooches to celebrate the end of Summer by participating in events together on the beach and its promenade.

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The main attraction was the six-legged race, where owners and puppy pals went for a run together. This is slightly different to the three-legged race we remember from school, but it looked just as fun.


Check out snippets from the race and event below:

What else happens at the event? Well, there is an ice-cream eating competition for the doggies (animal-friendly ice-cream, of course), as well as swimming races. We feel all kinds of FOMO right now.


Do you think your dog could win at this event? Let us know!

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