Clint Brink opens up about his health challenges

Clint Brink opens up about his health challenges

Many celebrities have wished the award-winning actor a speedy recovery...

Clint Brink
Clint Brink/ Instagram

South African actor Clint Brink is battling with a skin condition called psoriasis.

The award-winning actor and musician took to Instagram to talk about his health problems.

“Out of the blue I developed a case of #psoriasis that has been uncomfortable and irritating to say the least,” he wrote on Instagram.

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease - a disease with an unclear cause that is characterised by inflammation caused by dysfunction of the immune system. It causes inflammation in the body. It also causes red, itchy scaly patches, most commonly on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp. It reportedly has no cure.

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The star says psoriasis is not the only health challenge he is battling with.

“I have also hurt my #meniscus & have #inflammation in both my #knees,” he wrote.

Sadly, he says the challenges came a few weeks before he was supposed to be working on his next project.

“All of this right when I am supposed to start training for something really special that kicks off in 14 weeks.”

The star went on to advise that we prioritise health.

“All I can say is , know what’s truly valuable & prioritise those elements accordingly. Once you lose your health , you lose everything,” said Brink.

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Well wishes

Many celebrities have wished Brink a speedy recovery.

“Amen nephew. and I send you prayers of health wealth and Peace that outweighs the worlds crisis In Jesus Name!!!!!” wrote Bebe Winans.

“Strength my G!! I got try this! Your message is profound,” wrote J Something.

Christopher Jafta wrote: “Heal well champ”.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@Clintonthebrink

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