DrD on how to listen so your partner talks

'DrD' on how to listen so your partner talks

Our latest Thrive with 'DrD' podcast is one for the couples out there, who're looking to strengthen their relationship. Clinical psychologist Dorianne Weil looks at what we can learn from couples who thrive. She asks: do they have less challenges or fewer problems? Of course not, she says!

Clinical Psychologist, Dorianne Weil

These days we aim simply for survival. Getting through another day. What can we learn from couples who thrive? Do they have less challenges or fewer problems? Of course not! It’s not whether there are difficulties .. it’s how they deal with them that determines Thrival, says Weil.

Join ‘ DrD ‘ as she answers some of your questions and discusses three characteristics of healthy couples:

1. Space but not distance. Closeness but not intrusion
2. Task Negotiation - who does what around here?

3. Communication: how to talk so your partner listens. And how to listen so your partner talks.

It's a relationship booster from a clinical psychologist with many years of couple's therapy under her belt. Listen below.

Healthy couples

Meanwhile, did you know that people who are happier have substantially higher income; get sick less often and recover more quickly; have higher tolerance for pain, more tolerance for stress and less memory loss?

Justin Cohen - bestselling author, global speaker and transformational coach - believes there are practical things you can do every day to be happier.

In this podcast, he speaks to 'DrD' about the science of happiness.Listen below.

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