Crafty tricks to get your toddler eating healthy treats

Crafty tricks to get your toddler eating healthy treats

It is fair to say that kids first feast with their eyes and then decide whether to play with the food or not...

toddlers and vegetables

Getting little ones to eat their fruits and vegetables is a challenge, and half the time, they get away with eating whatever they want.

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The only problem is that their little bodies cannot grow on sweets and treats alone. They will, at some point, need to eat healthy solid foods.

A trick or two will need to be introduced to cut the tantrums and cries for candy. Including rainbow foods is a solution, because whatever looks colourful and tasty will always be something they want to eat.

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The compiled list includes some of the ways you can trick toddlers into eating fruits and vegetables.

See the list below:

1. Using fruits and veggies as fun snacks

fruit snacks

2. Blend fruits and vegetables into a smoothie

Blend fruits and vegetables in a smoothie

3. Pair the vegetables with a dip

Pair the vegetables with a dip

4. Have them help to prepare meals

Kids helping in the kitchen

5. Lead by example and eat healthy meals

healthy meal

6. Make frozen fruit popsicles

frozen popsicles

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