DIY: How to make your own bra extender

DIY: How to make your own bra extender

Here is how you can save money by making your own bra extender at home.

Woman putting on bra/ iStock

Do you have a bra that you like but can’t wear anymore because it feels too tight?

We all know how good bras can cost a small fortune, and the thought of not being able to wear a bra just because you have put on a little bit of weight is depressing. 

If the cup still fits, then the good news is that you don’t have to throw or pack it away. Simply adding an extension to the back will do the trick. 

Many clothing or underwear stores sell bra extenders. 

However, extending your bra is so easy that you don't necessarily need to spend money. 

You can make a bra extender using an old bra that you don't wear anymore.  

Below is a video of how you can make your own bra extender:

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