The role of the father

The role of the father

This week, 'DrD' Dorianne Weil speaks with author, speaker and Dad Coach, Craig Wilkinson, about equipping men to be great fathers and leaders.


Craig has worked extensively in the Non Profit sector in the areas of experiential education, socio-economic development and the development of men and fathers. He is the founder of Father a Nation (FAN), an NPO which restores men to true masculinity and authentic fatherhood.

Craig believes that if we can heal men we can heal the world.

"A father is the most important man in his children’s lives. There’s no greater impact on a child’s emotional wholeness, happiness and success in life and relationships than the way they are parented. Because moms and dads play an equally important yet different role in raising children, the greatest gift a man can give his children is to be an excellent father to them,"  he says.

Listen to him talking to 'DrD' in her latest podcast episode below.

(Please note that this episode was recorded before the national lockdown.)

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