Facebook glitch sends accidental friend requests to users

Facebook glitch sends accidental friend requests to users

Before you spy on anyone on Facebook, be aware of this Facebook glitch that might get you busted! 

Facebook friend request error
Facebook friend request error

Facebook spies, be warned! 

A recent Facebook glitch has seen the app sending accidental friend requests to users. 

Facebook users noticed that while searching profiles of people that are not their friends, an error notification would pop up. 

The message reads: 

"Review friend requests in your activity log

We recently fixed an issue that caused some friend requests to be sent by mistake. We apologise and have cancelled any requests that were sent because of this error.

You can go to your activity log to review the friend requests that you've sent or received."

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To check if you were a victim, click on activity log, then select profile information, connections, and look under added friends, removed friend and friend requests received and sent friend requests to check if all is in order. 

The glitch saw friend requests being sent to people you were looking up.

Although Facebook said it has fixed the issue, some people are still experiencing the same problem. 

So, before you search someone's profile and visit it, be sure that if the error happened, you won't be left feeling embarrassed. 

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Image courtesy of iStock/ @Tero Vesalainen

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