Father’s Day: Presenters share what they love most about their dads

Father’s Day: Presenters share what they love most about their dads

With Father’s Day coming up, our presenters share some of the things they appreciate the most about their fathers.

Elma and her dad
Elma and her dad/ Supplied

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday June 16 - a special day to celebrate all the great dads in the world.

Fathers play such a great role in our lives that words and gifts don’t seem to be enough to let them know how important and loved they are.

A father is a source of strength for his family. A great dad provides love, affection, warmth, security and protection for his children.

To celebrate these heroes, a few of our presenters; Elma Smit,  Kenzy, and Martin Bester share what they love most about their fathers.

What do you love most about your dad?

Elma Smit - My dad can do, fix, figure out or tackle anything! He is literally the person we call for everything. He’s also constantly figuring out how to improve things, looking for ways to make our lives easier, simpler. His way of showing that he cares is by acts of service and no request is ever too big!

Kenzy - I love that I can go to my dad at anytime, no matter how old I am and I'll always be his child, his little girl. My Dad has always been extremely supportive of all of his kids. It's a great and special feeling knowing that you always have someone in your corner who believes in you no matter what.

Martin Bester - The fact that he taught us the value of common sense. He would always drive common sense home and tell us that it would get us far in life and it’s so true. 

What's the biggest lesson you have learned from your father?

Elma SmitThat being a woman is no reason for not giving anything a shot. I have a younger sister and he taught us skills, courage and work ethic that has allowed (and encouraged!) us to challenge norms.

Kenzy - Patience and consistency. Things take time and you've got to learn to exercise patience and be consistent when working towards achieving a goal because as the adage goes; easy come, easy go.

Martin Bester - Never to use your circumstances as an excuse, but rather as a reason to better yourself in life. He had it tough growing up. He went to twenty different schools and eventually gave up on school, left school and started working because he could never catch up and that was from one province to the next as well, so it was just becoming impossible for him to be at school moving around the way they did. So, then he started his life, started his family, looked after us and just kept bettering himself in life and kept growing. He never for once moaned about it or use it as an excuse for anything. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and doing things for himself. If he doesn’t have money to buy something, he will make it. I think that determination and that will to keep going, he is over 70 now and he will never be the lazy type of man. 

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What is the fondest memory you have of the time you spent with your dad?

Elma Smit- Long chats on road trips and holidays about politics, history, philosophy and current affairs.

Kenzy - There really are too many to pick from but one memory that stands out is when my Dad wrote me a letter when I turned 18. He told me how proud he was of me and that he loved me. I still have that letter and it's definitely one of my most treasured possessions. He bought me my favourite Ice cream after that and went on a road trip to his hometown in the Free State.

Martin Bester - I will always remember the time that we would go to the Rugby stadiums together and watch Rugby together. He also loved Caravaning with my mom as a family. Also, one thing I won’t forget is spending time with him on the road. He was a trucker for most of my life and holidays. I would sometimes join him in his truck on the way to Cape Town or wherever and just road trip with him and just appreciate our country. Just travelling with him and spending time with him, those are some of the fond memories.

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