#FitSquad: Ten easy workouts to keep you active anywhere

#FitSquad: Ten easy workouts to keep you active anywhere

Don't have enough time to head to the gym or a fitness class? Here are ways to ensure exercise doesn't fall through the cracks.

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Busy schedules are notorious for derailing fitness goals - but don't let not having time to go to your usual gym or local Parkrun get the better of you. 

Try get an exercise session done first thing in the morning - that way work and social commitments or the languor of being too busy won't get in the way of your training.

Here are some ideas and exercises you can do wherever you are:

On the go...

  • A skipping rope is small, light, and easy to pack, so you can pull it out anywhere - like at service stations during pit stops - to get a quick bout of cardio in.
  • If you're a passenger on a long car or plane trip, try a few small exercises in your seat to get your circulation going. These could include clenching your butt and glutes, neck and ankle rolls, lengthening your spine and arms, twisting from side to side at your hips, and lifting your heels up and down. Do at least 20 repetitions of each, every hour, if you can.
  • Rock-climbing and hiking are wonderful ways to enjoy the sky and view. Make sure you wear suitable footwear to protect your feet and joints on the uneven ground.
  • If you have enough friends or family around, rope them all into playing a team sport. It's easy to use any passable ball and bat for a makeshift game of soccer, cricket, rugby or baseball.

Enjoying the peace and quiet of staying indoors? Here's how to stay active from the comfort of your home:

At home

  • Be active while watching TV - do strength exercises with hand weights or elastic stretch bands, ride a stationary bike or stretch while watching your favourite show. You can even use a chair for tricep dips and a gym ball for small crunches.
  • Volunteer to help anyone you know who's going away and needs a dog-sitter. This way you can enjoy a walk or run and some fresh air at a nearby park or field at least once or twice a day.
  • Make household chores count - mop the floor, scrub the bathtub, wash your car or mow the lawn to get your heart pumping and strengthen your muscles.
  • There's nothing like a little karaoke to celebrate summer. If you can't hold a tune, put the music up and dance your heart out. Try different genres - from salsa to kwaito to Bollywood to K-pop - each one will get you moving at a different pace and inspire different dance styles and movements from you.

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