Five creative DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

Five creative DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

Not sure what to buy as a gift this Mother's Day? Try these creative ideas...

Creative mother's day gift ideas

Mother's Day is just days away, and if you are yet to buy your mom a gift, then these amazing gift ideas will help you with your last-minute shopping. 

Thousands of mothers across South Africa will be getting the standard chocolate, flowers, bedroom slippers, and spa treatment gifts - which is nice, but after years of getting the same thing, it can get a bit boring.

Why not surprise your mother with some creative gifts that will blow her mind, or at the very least be better than what you got last year! 

Here are some fun ideas. 

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Mother's Day macaroons

Instead of buying your mother a box of chocolate (again) this Mother's Day, why not make her some macaroons? Macaroons are not the easiest things to make, but if done right, they can turn out to be the tastiest and most beautiful edible gifts around. If you are not keen to make your own, then buy some and present them in a pretty box.

Wine bottle picture frame

Recycle your old wine bottles, and make picture frames out of them. There is nothing moms cherish more than beautiful memories, and this is a great way for them to show off their favourite family pictures.

String art vase

Not only is this DIY mason jar string art vase easy to make, but it will also make a beautiful gift for your mom.

DIY marble mug

Does your mum love coffee? Then you have to try this DIY marble mug. 

DIY bath bomb

Don't spend hundreds of Rands buying bath bombs when you can make your own. They will make sure your mum has a calming and relaxing bath, courtesy of yours truly.

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