Five important reasons why you need to know your blood type

Five important reasons why you need to know your blood type

What if you knew of the exact food types that you - specifically you - can eat to effectively and healthily lose or gain weight? Better yet, what if you had an understanding of the kinds of foods to avoid in order to maintain the natural balance and order of your body in particular? 

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Imagine not having to find out 10kgs later that actually baked beans are the reason for those two good pairs of denim jeans suddenly resisting the usual upward movement to the waist. Well, there’s a way your blood type can tell you all this and more. All you need to do is simply know your blood type.

Below is a list of five important reasons why you need to know your blood type:

1. It helps to determine the healthiest diet for you in particular

This is called a Blood Type Diet. This diet ensures that you eat the types of food recommended for your health as per your blood type. Dieticians claim that the food we eat reacts with our blood in ways that either boost our energy, encourage weight loss or even endorse weight gain. So knowing what your blood type is can help you know what kind of food to avoid if you wish to attain your body’s natural balance. For instance, if you are type O blood, your natural diet is suggested to consist of high-protein food with lean meats and less grain. Type A blood types are encouraged to focus on eating fruits, beans, and vegetables.

2. Blood Donation

Knowing your blood type can come in handy when the need to donate blood arises; whether it be in the event of an unfortunate emergency where blood transfusion is required or just donating for the sake of donating to a supply for those in need. In these instances, knowing your blood type will help you understand which blood types match or don’t match. For instance, if you are blood type O-negative (the 'negative’ is an element called Rh that further characterises the blood type) your blood type is suggested to be universal; therefore, you can donate to any blood type.

3. Knowing your blood type is important for pregnancy

The Rh element we mentioned earlier is the most important part in knowing your blood type for pregnancy. This is so because if the mother and the baby do not have that same Rh element in their blood, the mother’s body will react as though it were allergic to the baby. Hemolytic Anemia is the term used for this Rh incompatibility and it can be prevented if the mother knows her blood type. If the mother knows her blood type and that of the baby’s, she can get the necessary treatment to prevent her baby getting Hemolytic Anemia.

4. Knowing your blood type gives you an incentive to control predicted disease risks

Studies have shown that there are some blood types with higher risks of certain diseases than others. So if you know what blood group you fall under, then you will have an incentive to control your lifestyle in a way that prevents you from triggering the disease risks associated with your blood type. For instance, type AB, A and B are said to hold an increased risk of blood clots.

5. Believe it or not, your blood type tells you what kind of gym exercises you’ll react better to

Imagine not having to extend and contract your body in all the forms of exercises that exist in the world and just getting straight to the point? Well, that’s another benefit of knowing your blood type. For instance, type O handles strenuous exercises better than type A, whose best exercises are yoga and Tai chi.

Have you ever tried a Blood Type diet? What were the results? Please share with us.

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