Five red flags for online dating

Five red flags for online dating

Are you looking to start a relationship online or are you already seeing someone? Beware of the following red flags. 

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Online dating comes with its own challenges.

Unlike a physical relationship, getting to know someone online and maintaining your relationship online is a bit tricky.

Below we highlight five things you should look out for if you have an online relationship. 

Hiding their real identity

Before getting into a relationship with someone you are chatting to online, be sure to do a bit of research. If your potential partner is hiding his/her real identity and has not shared a photo of what they look like, that might be a serious red flag. 

Not respecting your boundaries

Every person has his or her own boundaries, even in relationship - whether it is what time it is acceptable for the two of you to chat, or whatever you might share with them which you feel should be respected. If you feel that your partner does not respect your wishes and comes across as disrespectful, run away!

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Making demands

Are you dating someone who likes to make demands, such as demanding money or favours? Do not overlook that. You might be dating someone who is a control freak or a parasite. 

Rushing things

Is your partner rushing things and you feel you are losing control? Although they might be ready to take things faster, if you feel things need to slow down, don’t feel pressurised. 

Asking you for nude pictures

If your partner is asking you for nude pictures, then that is a serious red flag. Not only can it land you in hot water, but if things go wrong, you can become a victim of revenge porn.

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