Five sentimental gift ideas to get for your colleagues

Five sentimental gift ideas to get for your colleagues

Are you stressing about what gift to get for your colleague as a token of the good working relationship you had during 2022? These gift ideas are the best! 

Colleagues giving each other gifts
Colleagues giving each other gifts / iStock

The holiday season is a time for sharing gifts.

If you are planning to buy a gift for your colleague, but are not sure what to get, we have listed five items that are sure to impress.

Desktop organiser

A desktop organiser is a perfect gift for colleagues who are office bound.

A clutter-free desk is one way to not only make a workspace look better, but also help clear one’s mind, increases creativity, and reduces stress.

It also saves time because your co-worker won’t have have to waste time looking for things.

If you have the time, you can make a desktop organiser for your colleague. Check out the video below for inspiration:

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Affirmation cards

The high rate of depression in our society is an indication of how so many people struggle with mental issues. Affirmation cards are a great way of sending positive vibes and letting your colleague know that they are special. 

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Treats tin

You can never go wrong with a treats tin. You can put anything in the treats tin ranging from sweeties to healthy things like nuts and dried fruits. 

Woman eating treats
Woman eating treats/ iStock

Personalised work and life planner

A personalised gift always shows that you wanted the gift to be special and that you really thought about it.

Having a work and life planner will ensure that your colleague doesn’t have to worry about missing important tasks or deadlines.

It will go a long way in ensuring that your colleague is more organised and feel more in control of his or her life. 

Diary/ iStock @fermate

Cable Management Box

One of the coolest gifts to buy someone is a cable management box.

Trying to manage all the cables on the desktop can be a mission.

The box will help protect your cables from damage that might arise from them being left exposed.

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Image courtesy of iStock/ @shironosov

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