Five tips to ensure you are triathlon ready

Five tips to ensure you are triathlon ready

The Auto & General Cross Triathlon will be taking place at Steyn City on 25 February 2023. This prestigious event requires athletes to test themselves both mentally and physically. Here are five tips to ensure you are prepared to tackle a triathlon…

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A triathlon is the ultimate test of both your mental and physical capabilities.

While it is obvious that one needs to train for an event such as this, there is additional preparation which one tends to forget about, given that the focus is having your body and mind in top notch condition.

So, in a bid to help you focus on the race itself, we’ve gathered five tips on the other important aspects of taking part in a triathlon.

Give your bike a once-over

It is important to ensure your bike is in perfect working order ahead of the race. Yes, you may have been training on it for hundreds of hours, but it is vital that you ensure all is sound the day before. Checking all the working components of your bike will also give you peace of mind. You wouldn’t forget to stretch before a triathlon, right? Well, checking your bike is another form of ‘stretching’.

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Study the course

If you are wanting to give your best, you need to know what you are up against. Do some research of the course you are going to be tackling. This will help you to mentally prepare for any tough sections and understand which areas will allow you to really push yourself.

Pack the night before

Don’t leave packing all your gear to the last minute. You are asking for trouble. Ideally, the time spent before your race should focus on relaxing and getting mentally prepared. Make a checklist of all the items you will need for race day and tick them off as you pack your bag. Don’t leave anything to chance here.

Another sound piece of advice comes from Barry Monaghan, a Northern Ireland-based triathlon coach. He told Red Bull’s website: "All of the equipment that you use on the day should be well tried and tested well before the race. There’s no point turning up trying something new on the day, or the day before. The sizing needs to be comfortable.”

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Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline

This tip goes without saying. You are going to be pushing yourself to the limit, the last thing you want is chafing.

Plan how you are getting to the venue

This may sound obvious, but you need to think of the logistics. Relying on a taxi in the early hours of the morning isn’t advisable – not to mention trying to fit your bike inside. Ask your family and friends for a lift or find out the parking situation close to the event in advance. If you are from out of town, book a hotel close to the race venue and see if you can carpool with other athletes.

Roz will be taking part in the Auto & General Cross Triathlon at Steyn City on 25 February 2023. If you would like to join her, there are limited spaces still available. Click HERE to sign up for the triathlon. Keep listening to Jacaranda FM for more details and enter our competition to win a share of R70,000 - courtesy of Auto & General - by clicking HERE.


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