Five ways to save money on date night

Five ways to save money on date night

Here's how you can enjoy a romantic date without breaking the bank.

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With scores of people on a budget crunch, and South Africa technically in a recession, going on fancy date nights might seem like an unnecessary expense to some couples.

But don't let the never ending bills and rising cost of living get in the way of you enjoying some much needed alone time with your spouse.

Studies have shown that couples who go on at least one date night a month are 14% less like to call it quits! 

Here are a few ideas to enjoy a date with your partner - some work even if you have zero cents to spare! 

Picnic under the stars... at home

Turn a boring night at home into an amazing date night by having a picnic in your backyard. Order in some of your favourite foods, and enjoy some alone time while gazing at the stars. Of course, this only works if you have a backyard, but if you don't, you can set up your picnic on the living room floor, dim the lights, light up a few candles, and hang some fairy lights on the ceiling. 

Take advantage of specials and loyalty memberships 

If you are strapped for cash then take advantage of restaurant specials in your area. Plan your date around two-for-one specials or "eat as much pizza as you want for just R89" deals. A lot of people are members of a loyalty programme, but hardly take advantage of what is on offer. Go through your membership benefits, and look for restaurant deals. Some even have movie discounts, so you can have a movie night instead of dinner. 

Cook together... and then feed each other

Don't have the budget to even enjoy a restaurant special? They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the same pretty much applies for women! Why not cook a romantic meal at home. But don't do it alone, get your partner to help put together the dinner, and then feed each other dessert (wink, wink). 

Drive around town... explore your city

You will be surprised what hidden tourist-worthy gems are hiding in your area. Visit your province's tourism website or Google some ideas for your area, and go exploring with your partner.  

Take a stroll on the beach 

This has to be one of the most romantic cheap dates ever! Walk hand-in-hand with your partner on the beach at sunset, while catching up on each other's day and planning the amazing things you plan on doing together. 

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