Forget microblading... These eyebrow tattoo stickers are the in-thing

Forget microblading... These eyebrow tattoo stickers are the in-thing

Don’t have thousands of Rands to spend on microblading? Don’t stress. These eyebrow tattoo stickers will instantly transform your look with full and natural brows.

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Getting your eyebrows to look on fleek can be a mission and a half. Most ladies struggle to get it right, hence many end up choosing to do microblading. 

But microblading is not cheap. It costs a couple of thousand Rand and for those who are skeptical about getting cosmetic tattooing done on their faces, it is not even an option. 

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Luckily, some creative people around the world have come up with eyebrow tattoo stickers that are so easy to put on and look like natural brows.

They come in a packet of ten with different sizes and shapes. This means they are suitable for all face shapes. Another fantastic thing is that they cost approximately R20.

So, not only are you spoiled for choice, but you also do not have to spend much money or time. They take a few minutes to stick on. 


- To apply them, you just cut out the shape that you like from the pack of ten. 

- Stick it onto your face. 

- Wet your make-up sponge and press it against the stuck eyebrow tattoos on your face for a few seconds. 

- Peel off the paper and you will be left with the eyebrows on your face. This whole process should take you less than five minutes. 


Because they are tattoo stickers, the plastic on the sticker might show. The trick to prevent that is to apply powder before you stick the eyebrows on. 

You can also add a bit of eyebrow pencil once you are done sticking them on. 

So, go ahead, stick them on and look gorgeous! 

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