Four educational YouTube shows to keep kids busy

Four educational YouTube shows to keep kids busy

Keep your children busy during the lockdown with these fun educational YouTube channels.

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Thousands of children are currently at home as a result of the national lockdown. Learning from home has been a struggle for parents, who either don't know how to teach their kids or have little time to spare. 

If you have access to the internet, why not combine their love for technology with learning by encouraging them to watch educational videos on YouTube? 

There are tons of learning resources on the platform. You can keep your children entertained and informed at the same time! 

Here's a look at four channels that offer fun educational material for younger children. 

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Science is fun

'Crash Course Kids' explores the world of science. From understanding the basics of freshwater to learning about chemical changes, this YouTube channel will get your little ones excited about science. 

Pre-school 'Circle Time'

Early childhood educator Monica J Sutton's YouTube channel is all about fun learning. The American child behavior specialist shares free weekly 'Circle Time' videos that parents can add to their home learning system. 


Teach your little ones to read on Lotty Learns. The channel has great phonics videos to help with reading and writing. 

Music Lessons

Your music-loving children can learn the basics of playing the guitar on YouTube. It offers sample guitar lessons to help aspiring players get started. 

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