Four fun things to do over the long weekend- DJ Jazzy D style!

Four fun things to do over the long weekend- DJ Jazzy D style!

Don't let the long weekend go to waste. Let us help free you from boredom without emptying your wallet with these top four things to do over the long weekend from DJ Jazzy.

dj jazzy d
Dj Jazzy D

The long weekend is exciting, especially if you have fun activities lined up. It is a great time to relax, have some fun or even try new things. But for some people, the biggest challenge is dodging boredom or finding fun things to do.

If you have no plans for the long weekend, you can find inspiration from DJ Jazzy's top four things to do:

 1. Bond with your family

With life being so busy, sometimes we can neglect to make time for family. DJ Jazzy reckons there is no better time to bond with family than over the long weekend. 

"Nothing is more important to me than spending time with my family including my furry kids . In fact maybe I should just highlight that and it might get me in trouble, but my three English Bulldogs: Zeush, Ziyah, and Zorah mean the world to me. I actually miss them more when I am away. Oops now I am in trouble and will be sleeping on the couch. "

So why not show your family just how much they mean to you by having quality time together. You can even find ideas for fun activities for the whole family here

2. Experiment in the kitchen

If you don’t usually have much time to try out new recipes, this long weekend is the perfect time to do just that. You can find great recipes here or ask your granny for that secret family recipe and try it out. 

DJ Jazzy will be using this long weekend to try figure out how to make the perfect Peanut Butter koeksisters. 

"I like trying weird things and experimenting in the kitchen. I know I am not a pro but I have learned a lot by burning certain dishes. Koeksisters are my favourite and my current challenge is to make a peanut butter koeksister. So I got the taste right, and the only thing I need to figure out is to make the final product look better as it might win a contest in a bumping car competition."

3. Play some great music 

Music has a way of making of us feel great, and DJ Jazzy uses long weekends to experiment in his studio. 

"Being a DJ who is so in love with music often leads me to different genres of music. The long weekend gives me a chance to educate myself in genres which I simply never touch. I sometimes wonder if my taste in music is weird or if people are just kind by saying they like it. I experiment with loads of beats & melodies made up from scratch and sometimes I am lucky that I get people who really like what I do and are also willing to pay to get their hands on some of the things I do. Now I just need Hennie, music manager at Jacaranda Fm, to play some of my songs. My koeksister bribes are not working. 

"My family sometimes wonders why am I always stuck in studio. It really is the best place for me to build a relationship with the music I play and it might sound strange, but I can feel the emotion a musician feels when they play a melody or a bassline." 

4. Have fun on the internet

DJ Jazzy likes to use his free time to work on his other passion - building websites. You can also try your luck by building your own website. 

"One of my talents is that I can build a website in minutes with a domain and email address. I have taught myself so many things to equip myself with knowledge which I thought would arm me better to present myself. That sounded like a mouthful LOL. Some of the websites I have built include and I don't know what the grading is on them, but I think they look good."

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