Four signs your child is spoiled

Four signs your child is spoiled

Is your child spoiled rotten?

Four signs your child is spoiled

As parents, it is only natural for you to want your child to be happy.

But sometimes parents allow their children to develop bad behaviours in order to keep them happy at all times. 

Children are smarter than you think, and while you might still be trying to figure them out, they know a lot about you, especially when it comes to which buttons to press to get their way. 

Here are four signs your child might be spoiled...

He/she often throws tantrums

Certain behaviours like whining, pouting, and throwing tantrums, is common for toddlers, as they are still learning to communicate their feelings. As they get older, and their language improves, parents are able to curb this behaviour. While even the most disciplined children are likely to throw a tantrum now and again, a spoiled child does it often -  mostly because he/she wants to get their own way. Don't give in to tantrums just because you want your child to stop whining - especially in public. 

He/she refuses to help

If you ask your child to clean up their room, or help you with chores around the house, and he/she flatly refuses, then you might have a spoiled child on your hands. It is common for children to hate chores, but spoiled children will put up a fuss until you end up doing said chores yourself. This type of behaviour will only get worse as your child gets older, and he/she will know you will just do it yourself. Worse still, your child will not think twice about doing the same outside of the home. A teacher might ask/him or her to help clean the board, or help carry some books, and your child is likely to put up a fuss before actually lending a helping hand. Sadly, it reflects badly on you as the parent. If your child will only help you if he/she receives a reward of some kind, then that is another sign of being spoiled. 

He/she loves to be the centre of attention

There is nothing wrong with children wanting some attention, especially in the technology-obsessed world we live in that sees many parents constantly on their phones. But if your your child starts to steal the spotlight from others, then you might have a problem. For example, if it's someone's birthday, and your child gets jealous of all the attention the birthday girl/boy is getting. Your child might even insist on getting a present as well. Some children hate losing, because it takes the attention off them, and they might even get upset about someone winning a race. 

He/she hates sharing

Young children are naturally possessive about their things. Whether it is toys or sharing a treat, they are likely to say "no" at first. But your child should understand the concept of sharing, and be willing to share their toys with their siblings, cousins or friends. Sometimes kids don't feel like sharing, especially if someone keeps asking, and they keep giving. Eventually they will get fed up, and say "no", but a spoiled child will almost always say "no", regardless of the situation. 

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