Four things to consider before cutting your hair

Four things to consider before cutting your hair

Let’s face it ladies, there comes a time when you dare to cut off your luscious long hair in favour of a different look. 

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 There is a famous quote by Coco Chanel that says, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life". When I heard this after my first big chop, I felt better about daring to cut my long hair - my very own personal glory. 

Chanel’s quote enabled me to feel like I had exchanged my glorious crown of hair for a transformation in my life. Come to think of it, ever word she said was true. I was undergoing a great personal transformation that would change my life for the better. So I guess I had to complement the new me with a new look. 

However, no matter how tempting it may be to try out a new look for some sort of self-discovery journey, the mere thought of cutting your hair is enough to freak you out. 

Here are a few pointers to think about before taking the big step:

Be sure that the timing is right

Be confident that you are ready to do this. If you aren’t too sure, it could be best to then cut your hair off in stages as opposed to taking that big step of cutting off substantial amounts of hair. However, for some of us that plunge is where the actual adrenaline and fun of the whole experience lies. 

Find the right stylist for the job

This is important because once the cut is done, there is no turning back. So get some research done about stylists and be sure to check out his/her portfolio. A good hair cut is worth all the research and investment.

Have reference images

When you finally decide to cut off your hair, be sure to have an exact image of the type of haircut you would like. It is always better to provide a visual aid for the stylist so that he/she can know exactly how you would like your hairstyle to look. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse (in the hair world) than thinking your stylist gets your description of what should take place on your head only to find that it’s not the one. Because chances are your stylist will reply, “Oh yes, yes, I get you”, only for you to be confronted by a fresh cut of regret. My word, the horror!

Know what you are getting yourself into

 Be clued up on what your hair cut will need for good maintenance. Be aware that a different hairstyle may mean a different method of maintenance. Find out where to get the maintenance products you will need. You want your new hairstyle to look its optimum best for the longest time.

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