Four ways to get kids to eat their veggies

Four ways to get kids to eat their veggies

Try these tips and tricks to get your children to eat their vegetables.

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Vegetables are packed with nutrients, and low in fat - which makes them a must for your daily diet.

But getting your children to eat their veggies is a mission and a half. 

If you are having trouble getting your kids to love vegetables, these tips might help them get excited. 

Eat YOUR veggies

There's no point telling your children to eat their vegetables if you don't like eating them yourself. Be a good role model by making sure your kids see you eat veggies every day. Make vegetables a normal part of your daily meals, and your children will soon get used to them. But if you don't eat them yourself, then they won't want to either. 

Hide them

Hide vegetables in some of your children's favourite meals. If they love eating pasta, then make sure you include some veggies in the dish. You can even make a healthy veggie sauce to go with their pasta. Pack on the vegetables when you make homemade pizza or make a veggie dip and get the kids to snack on baby carrots and other produce. 

Make a rainbow

Children love colours. Fill their plate with different coloured vegetables and let them explore. You can also start by getting them to eat the "easy-to-stomach" veggies like sweet potato, carrots, cucumbers, and sweet peas. 

Make veggies fun 

Get kids excited about eating the veggies by allowing them to help you cook dinner with you. Some kids love being little helpers, and will certainly be interested in trying the meals they helped prepare. You can also cut up vegetables into fun shapes to make them more appealing to children. 

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