Four ways to overcome low self-confidence in the workplace

Four ways to overcome low self-confidence in the workplace

Low self-confidence can hinder your progress in the workplace. Here's how you can overcome it.

4 Ways to overcome low self-confidence in the workplace

The secret to success in the workplace is hard work, but a lack of confidence can slow down your progress up the corporate ladder.

Confident employees get noticed more than their introvert colleagues, who are afraid to speak up during important discussions, or shy away from taking the lead during tasks.

Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, says exuding confidence can give you the upper hand when you are being compared to people with similar skills and experience.

“The reality is that many employers regard self-confidence as a strength. This is especially the case when the prospective role is a client facing one. Candidates who come across as unsure of themselves or who are extremely shy are often at a disadvantage," she says.

The good news is you can overcome low self-confidence.

Vittee recommends doing the following things:

Ask for help

If you feel like you are not in control, don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask a manager or co-worker for help.

Don’t overthink things

Although this can be challenging, try to think and react to workplace situations rationally and not emotionally.

Practice makes perfect

Try and avoid feeling negative or incompetent when completing a task you have previously struggled with. Make it a priority to overcome any fear or mental block which may be holding you back in this regard.


Always stay mindful of the five Ps – prior preparation prevents poor performance. Knowing that you are always ready and prepared can be a massive confidence booster.

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