Genius tricks to stop high heels hurting your feet

Genius tricks to stop high heels hurting your feet

Here are five easy tricks that will make wearing high heels pleasurable.

Woman in office wearing heels
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Do you dread wearing high heels because they are uncomfortable or cause blisters? Don’t fret. Wearing heels doesn’t have to hurt!

We have put together six tricks to ensure that you can comfortably wear and enjoy your high heels.

Pick the perfect fit
Wearing a shoe that doesn't fit properly will be uncomfortable, painful and can send you tumbling in the parking lot before you even take 2 steps. We’re sure that falling and wincing in pain was never part of your planned look.

So, the first tip to ensuring that your heels don't hurt is wearing the right size and choosing shoes that support your ankle.

Wear socks
If your high heel shoes are the right size but feel a bit too tight and hurt your feet, you can stretch them out by wearing socks with them.

Wear the heels and the socks a couple of times when indoors. The socks will help stretch the shoes a bit and give your feet a little bit more room.

Reduce friction
Friction makes the skin prone to blisters and can also leave you with broken skin.

Reduce friction by lubricating your foot.

Applying petroleum jelly or baby powder is an inexpensive way to lubricate your foot.

Wear a bandage
Put a bandage across your heel, toes or any area that feels uncomfortable. This will help you avoid blisters and takes pressure off the affected areas.

Wear different types of heels
Wearing the same heels will put pressure on one specific area of your foot.

Try wearing different types and sizes of heels.

Get shoe cushions
Invest in good quality shoe cushions or silicone or gel insoles. This will alleviate discomfort and prevent aching.

Check out more tips in the below video.

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