Getting back into your fitness routine after a long lay-off

Getting back into your fitness routine after a long lay-off

Get your fitness routine back on track with the help of personal trainer Geoff Sa Joe.

Getting back into your fitness routine after a long lay-off

April has come and gone, and with it Easter and all the public holidays. 

You have probably indulged a lot more than you would like to admit and your exercise routine has all but gone out the window. 

Getting back into your healthy lifestyle routine can be tougher than initially thought, but fear not, I have some tried and tested tips that will kick-start your motor.

  • Depending on your fitness level - ease into your exercise routine. You will not be able to pick up where you left off before the holidays. Going too hard can cause injuries and provide a reality check (which may not be a bad thing).

  • Start with a cardio session, it's a great way to shred those unwanted excess calories.

  • Two to three sessions for the first week, including both cardio and machine-based exercises operating at 75% of your max.

  • Ensure that you have a training program to follow, it's easy to waste time in the gym.

  • Have a day's break between sessions

  • You'll feel encouraged after completing week one, push a little harder in week two.

  • Some people prefer to go cold turkey and eliminate all junk food, but my question is how long can they maintain it? My recommendation would be to eat well at 80% of the week for the first week or two. The other 20% doesn't give you licence to go crazy, but more a case of being lenient on yourself for the first two weeks i.e treat yourself, but don't over-indulge!

  • Ensure that you get your three main meals with healthy snacks in-between.

  • You body may even crave sugars, try to substitute it with fruit, but allow for a small treat. 

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I started hitting the gym from a very early age, purely because I was a small kid. Exercise and sport in general came very naturally to me, I loved being active, whether it was cricket, rugby or gym. Strangely enough, I opted to pursue a career in finance and worked in London as an accountant for eight years. I was miserable and my wife pushed me to make the change. Well, I have never looked back. I’ve been a personal trainer for six years and I have developed my own style of training that’s extremely effective, combining all aspects of exercise.

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