A hack for moms to get a 15min break alone

A hack for moms to get a 15min break alone

It only takes one command and that’s it!


Moms are known to never have a minute to themselves because their little ones are always tagging along everywhere they go, including the bathroom.

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Now, it turns out, moms can score 15min from a TikTok video shared by @flyyufool8. She exclaimed how she sometimes needs time to herself.

In the video, she shared, in order for the hack to be convincing you would have to put a little bit of bleach in the sink so that the house smells like it was just cleaned.

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She tops it off by putting the mop on the floor to mark where she had just cleaned and then simply tells the kids to not come that side for 15min to let the floors dry.

See the video below:

@flyyoufool8 #parentingdonerightish ♬ original sound - Kat Taylor148

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