How to be safe this New Year's Eve

How to be safe this New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a great time to gather with loved ones and welcome in the new year.

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Whether you are planning to celebrate at home or somewhere outdoors with friends, neighbours, and family, be sure that you are safe.

Take a look at the below tips to ensure your safety this New Year's Eve:

- Be safe on the road

Road deaths are very high during the festive season. Most people get merry, drunk, and head onto the roads. This results in a lot of lives being lost due to reckless driving. In 2016, The Road Traffic Management Corporation's figures for January to December showed that 14,071 people died on our roads, so be extra vigilant and do not drink and drive, please.

- Don’t take a drink from a stranger

If someone comes and offers you a drink, decline the offer. The last thing you need is to become a victim because your drink was spiked. Buy your own drinks and never leave your drink unattended.

- Don’t find yourself in isolated places

Make sure that you stay in public areas. Being in isolated places makes it easier for perpetrators to attack you.

- Be careful with your belongings

Keep your eyes on your belongings, especially if you are celebrating New Year's Eve in public places.

- Never leave your children unattended

Pay close attention to your children. Don’t just assume that they are safe. If you plan to go to an outside event and celebrate, don’t lock your kids inside the house and leave them alone, especially if they still young.

- Use fireworks carefully, as instructed

One of the traditions on New Year's Eve is the use of fireworks. But if not handled well, fireworks can be dangerous. Read the labels on the fireworks carefully before use and make sure you don’t use them close to children or pets. Also only let firecrackers off in designated areas.

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