How to choose a good domestic worker

How to choose a good domestic worker

One of the most crucial decisions you will ever make is choosing the person that you will leave your most precious possession, your house, under their care.

Domestic worker

As much as we may desire to look after our houses ourselves, truth is sometimes we just don't have the time or strength to always make sure our house looks spotless. This is why domestic workers are so important.

But with so many horrifying domestic worker stories, getting one can be quiet scary. Agent Lesiba Raphokane guides us through how to go about getting a good domestic worker.

Be specific on your job requirements

We all have different preferences and requirements. The first step in securing a good domestic worker, according to Raphokane, is to be specific about your job requirements and the qualities you want in a worker. The next step is to look for someone who meets those requirements.

Consider age and respect

"Age also plays an important role in finding a domestic worker. Some people who are younger may not want someone their own age, to avoid being disrespected," says Raphokane. However, just because someone is younger or older than you doesn't mean they will automatically show you disrespect. When interviewing them, look at how they address you, their tone, and facial expressions.

Do background research

Before bringing someone into your house and entrusting them with your keys, be sure that you do a reference check. The last thing you need is to hire someone who has a record of stealing.

Hire someone who is neat

Because you will be needing someone to help make your house tidy, you need someone who is neat themselves. Look at the way they dress - if they are dressed appropriately and look tidy, they are the right person for the job.

Consider doing a trial

Like many jobs that come with a probation period, you may just want to test if the domestic worker is best suited for the job by placing them on probation for at least a month. Don't rush to give them a contract, because you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law if you dismiss them just because you feel they are not meeting your expectations.  

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