How to help your eczema-suffering child

How to help your eczema-suffering child

There are really simple things you can do to help your young one suffering with eczema.


Eczema, an allergic skin reaction resulting in a red, scaly, itchy rash, is common in small babies. According to R News, statistics show that approximately 10 to 20% of children suffer with eczema. 

The report states that it starts in early childhood, with 90% of people being diagnosed before the age of five.

What are some of the precautions parents can take to help their child suffering with eczema? We investigate...

Clean your baby with lukewarm water

Warm water hydrates and cools the skin. However, avoid using anything that will scrape the baby's skin such as a washcloth, and do not rub the skin when you dry it. Rather pat the skin dry.

Keep the skin moist

It is very important that you keep your child's skin moist at all times to avoid it becoming dry and irritable. Use perfume-free moisturisers that use petroleum jelly. It is also important to moisturise straight after bathing to seal in the moisture.

Keep your baby's nails trimmed

Because kids with eczema scratch their bodies, you have to make sure that your child's nails are cut. Long nails can leave them with scratches and sometimes even cause them to bleed.

Do not use scented soaps

Whether you are washing your baby's body or clothes, make sure you use unscented soap. Scented soaps have harsh ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin. Beware of the pH level of the soap. Most soaps have a pH of 9 or 10, while the skin has a pH of 4 to 5. These soaps increase the skin's pH level, which can worsen the eczema.

Avoid overheating

Do not put too many layers of clothes on your baby. That can cause them to get hot and sweaty, which can trigger an eczema flare.

Dress your baby with clothes made of cotton

Cotton is smooth and allows the skin to breathe. This is great for children suffering with eczema as it keeps their skin cool.

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