"How losing 20kg helped me regain my confidence"

"How losing 20kg helped me regain my confidence"

Author and fitness advocate Malebo OldJohn-Tsindi shares how her weight-loss journey inspired her to reach her dreams.

Lebo OldJohn-Tsindi

Whether we like to admit it or not, our body weight affects how we feel about ourselves.

Most people who are overweight struggle with self-confidence.

In South Africa, over half of women aged above 20 are overweight. This is according to a survey conducted by the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC).

One women who struggled with weight issues and confidence is author Malebo Oldjohn–Tsindi.

“Being overweight affected my self-esteem. Clothes did not look good on me and I sometimes struggled getting clothes that I liked in my size. This made me want to do get up and do something about my weight instead of just sitting around and waiting for a miracle to happen,” she said.

When I started my fitness journey, I was criticized a lot. I was told I won’t reach my goal, just like everybody else who has been to gym and gave up along the way; I will be exactly that. Did they know my goal? Did they understand my vision? Absolutely NOT! Three years later, I have been challenging myself and upgraded from running half marathons to running full marathons (42km). Despite my pace, I knew I can DO IT. Three years later my fitness story made me realise my passion in helping others achieve their goals and I have published a manuscript that helps women from fitness to spirituality. Three years later my fitness story was published in one of the bestselling fitness magazine globally. What story have you been telling yourself over the past years, is it a story of... REDEMPTION and MASSIVE SUCCESS or a story of REGRET and EXCUSES? Throughout my journey I have learned that in life it’s NOT what others say about you that’s important, it's what YOU BELIEVE you are that makes you different… WITH ME: I AM a believer and not a doubter. I BELIEVE I AM a conqueror and not a complainer. I BELIEVE I AM a problem solver and not an excuse maker. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE? WHO DO YOU SAY YOU ARE? I hope you have already bought your tickets. It is going to be HOT on the 27th of April 071 147 2389 for your tickets

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Malebo decided to join the gym, but like many others, still struggled with bad eating habits.

“I joined gym in 2013, but a few months after that I still found myself struggling with eating junk food. Due to not losing the weight that I desired, I had to make a decision to add a healthy diet to my lifestyle. Because of that decision, to date I have managed to lose more than 20 kilograms and I feel good about myself."

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Malebo adds that regaining her self-confidence helped her realise her dream of becoming an author.

“After losing the weight, I started believing in myself and my abilities. That motivated me to know that everything that I put my mind into will eventually happen. This is how my book “The Journey” was birthed. Everywhere I get invited to speak, be it on a television program or radio, I encourage people to know that it is possible to get the body that you desire, and it doesn’t even have to cost you a lot. All it takes is focus and discipline. I want to help people enjoy fitness so that they can feel good about themselves and their bodies while reducing aging and premature death."

Malebo OldJohn-Tsindi

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