How to make your child's school uniform last longer

How to make your child's school uniform last longer

Every year, parents find themselves having to head to the shops to buy their children school uniforms. Not only is school uniform expensive, but in most cases, it doesn't last very long. 

School uniform

"Ideally, school uniform should last at least a year, and things like jerseys, school dress and skirts, blazers and ties should last for two years," says Zubair Karani of Professional Schoolwear. 

The secret is in taking care of the uniform so that it lasts longer. Luckily, there are simple things that you can do that can help preserve your child's uniform.

Here are some tips to ensure you save money on school uniform in the long run:

Follow the care label instructions

"Many times people ignore the label instructions. They think they are put there for no reason, but it's very important to follow those instructions. They really help in preserving the uniform," says Karani. 

"One of the best ways to preserve uniform is to hand-wash it, especially your ties and jerseys. And don't make the mistake of using hot water to wash any item of uniform. The minute you use hot water, the clothes stretch. When it comes to school blazers, only dry-clean. The blazers are made of 100% polystyrenen and if you wash them, they lose shape and it messes with the fabric. If the fabric is tired, the colour comes off," adds Karani.

Buy at least three shirts

Wearing the same uniform five days a week can wear it out and it's very unhygienic. One of the best tips is to have at least three sets of uniforms. That way, at least the other uniform can have a breather when your child is wearing the other set. 

"Parents should buy at least three sets of shirts and socks," advises Karani.


Don't allow your child to play while wearing the uniform

Most kids don't really like to change out of their uniform when they get home, but allowing your kid to play and eat in their uniform is just a bad idea. It can result in their uniform becoming dirty and stained, causing you to wash it more often. Regularly washing clothes wears them out.


Don't let the uniform dry in the sun for too long

Even though it's a great idea to let the uniform dry outside, don't leave it in the sun for too long. Clothes that stay in the sun for too long get worn out quicker. 

Don't use harsh detergents

"Never use bleach on school uniform," says Karani. It is always advisable to use gentle detergents that have natural ingredients. They don't contain all the harsh toxins that can damage the clothes. 

Hang the uniform up

Instead of just throwing the uniform on the floor, or placing it on the bed, teach your children to fold or hang the uniform in their wardrobe. This will preserve it, because you won't need to regularly wash or iron it. 

Buy good quality uniform

Last but not least, invest in buying quality uniform. It will last longer!

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